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Amherst College, B.A. magna cum laude, phi beta kappa, 1984,
Studied with James Baldwin.
Honors thesis : Internations Intimations Intonations:  Expatriation Explored

Ecole Normale Supérieure, visiting student, 1984-1985, studied with Jacques Derrida

Ecole des Hauts Etudes en Sciences Sociales, auditor,  Jacques Derrida’s seminar.

The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, 1989-1994, certificate. The Vera List Prize.


Assistant Weaver, atelier Sheila Hicks


je possède LE LOUVRE, the infozone, Paris, 2000
Jens Gebhart, curator with the participation of Jacques Derrida, F2,
Georges Didi – Huberman, Frédérique Ildefonse,  Jean-Luc Nancy, Ludger Schwarte,
Pierre Zaoui, etc.

Delivering the Mail: For Jacques Derrida
The Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, 2000

CURE, The Hospital Paul Brousse, F2 Curator, 2011

moveable feast, carte blanche à erin lawlor 22 mars- 3 avril 2012, Hotel de Sauroy, Paris

Et si pour changer, on s’habillait en Jerome L’Huillier?
Jerome L’Huillier’s Pop Up Shop, March, 2016


The Magnetic Laboratorium, SX Street, Paris Underground Film Festival, 2004
The Magnetic Laboratorium,  M9 Colors New York,  Judson Church Series, Dance Theatre Workshop, 2006
Marisela La Grave, director, with Jonah Bokaer

I Phone, The Nice Institution, Paris
Let’s Play Telephone –
Mildred Simantov and Nils Thornander, curators,
May 28, 2010

QQQOC Event #1 Don’t Mop It, Wear It , Galerie La B.A.N.K., Paris and la rue de RIvoli, Paris, 2010

Des Mouches et Des Eventeils,  
The Language of Beauty Marks and the Language of Fans
Amanda Crider’s Haute House Salon
Performances : Lola De la Bavière and Mathilde Daddy
Costumes: Mette and Jerome L’Huillier
Artwork: Maja Markovic
Conception: Rebecca Dolinsky,  Paris, 2014

I am Colette, International Woman’s Day,  
Amanda Crider’s Haute House Salon,  
The Palais Royal, March 8, 2016



Venus in Fur and The Desiring Machines,
The Paris Underground Film Festival & The Strip Film Festival,
Claude Bondy, Frank Leibovici and Marion Naccache, festival directors, 2004 & 2005

Debutants, Juan Pittaluga, artist’s book included in the film.


Button Candy, with Lee Ann Brown, Palo Alto- New York -Paris 2000

The Desiring Machines, Book Scroll, for Pierre Zaoui , Paris 2000

THE  ROUND LIBRARY, book bobbins from:
Idyll II,  Theocrates, The Witch Samaitha
Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Sigmund Freud
The Library of Babel, Jorge Luis Borges
Finnegan’s Wake, James Joyce

Looping the Loupe: Hooks and Eyes for Joyce :
Finn Again Begin Again from the Round Library,
collection Leo Koenders' James Joyce Unique Books, The Neue Sachsische Galerie Chemnitz, The State Archives of Ludwigsburg, Germany

The Marquise of  O, Henrick von Kleist

Ribbon Books:  texts from Robert Creeley, Paul Celan, Gertrude Stein, Marcel Duchamp and Richard Long

The World is Round, Gertrude Stein, Ball of Ribbon

Handwerks, edition x
5 Books in sign Language,
texts by Antonin Artaud, Paul Celan and William Shakespeare

Please Louise, Sanzo Kuhnam publisher, book signing,  Le Palais de Tokyo

Patient,  Cure, The Hospital Paul Brousse, F2 Curator

Sans Attaches Parisiennes

You go For Fashion, I go for Psychoanalysis


Un Kub Or
Mille Feuille Olivier Cadiot
Thé Paul Celan


Vacarme, No IV & V, Septembre Novembre 1997

Please Louise, Sanzo Kuhnam publisher, book signing,  Le Palais de Tokyo, 2007

Carnet de Cure, Ministère des Affaires Hyper Sociales, Francine Flandrin, F2, editor, 2009
2011    Centre Pompidou acquisition par la Bibliothèque Kandinsky de Carnet de cure, catalogue/livre d’artiste  de Cure exposition réalisée en partenariat avec DRAC Ile de France, Mac/Val, Ministère de la Culture et Paul-Louis Flandrin Galerie, édition limitée 250 ex.

Lex-ICON :  traiter l’image comme un texte/traiter le texte comme une image
L’Université de Haute – Alsace (Mulhouse, France), Jennifer Dick, 2012

moveable feast, carte blanche à erin lawlor 22 mars- 3 avril 2012, Hotel de Sauroy, Paris

Rebecca Dolinsky, Eleonora Aguiari, Carmen Mariscal
Emile  de Castro for BOOK MACHINE, onestar press, Paris 2013
upstairs at duroc, issue 16, 2016

L’Ecole Normale de Lyon,  Eat Your Dasein, 2002

‘Image and Text,  Psychoanalysis, Artist’s Books, Women’s Work, Fashion and Self-Portraiture,’
The Meetings of the American Psychoanalytic Association, The Waldorf Astoria, New York,  2014,  Adele Tutter, interlocutor

 ‘Small Worlds –Micrography, Mouches and the Mysteriously Tiny Images of Hooke, Buchinger, Brontë and Vishniac,’ The Culture and Industry Conference of the Université Paris – Diderot,  June 2016, Sara Thornton, organiser



A weekly  salon for women in the arts on Thursday morning from 9-11:30 at the Caffe Stern,  47 Passage des Panoramas, Paris

Artwork in Private Collections in England, Europe, Japan, The United States and Mexico


Rebecca Dolinsky is a New York artist who came to Paris to study as a foreign student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in the rue d'Ulm. Her paintings and sculptures have been shown in New York by Dore Ashton and Michael Brenson as well as at the DAAD in Berliin. The installation je possède LE LOUVRE at the infozone in Paris included the participation of Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy and Georges Didi-Huberman. Delivering the Mail: For Jacques Derrida appeared as part of DE-COR-INSTANZ: DECONSTRUCTION, INSTALLATION, ORENSANZ at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York. The films Venus in Fur and The Desiring Machines were shown at the Paris Underground Film Festival and at the Strip Film Festival.  Dolinsky has taught Eat Your Dasein at the Ecole Normale in Lyon and has been published in Vacarme. She has worked with the Magnetic Laboratorium for the performances Paris Action and M9 Colors in New York. Amongst her artist's books, Please Louise was published by Sanzo Kuhnam with a book signing at Le Palais de Tokyo,  PATIENT was part of  CURE at the Paul Brousse Hospital, and Finn Again Begin Again from the Round Library has travelled as part of the collection of Leo Koenders' James Joyce Unique Books, of note to the Neue Sachsische Galerie Chemnitz and to the State Archives of Ludwigsburg, Germany. She performed I PHONE at the Nice Institution and participated in the fashion show  QQQOC event #1, Don't Mop It, Wear It, at the gallery LA B.A.N.K.  Dolinsky participated in A Moveable Feast, Carte Blanche a Erin Lawler at the Hotel de Sauroy, rue Charlot for which she made the book, You go For Fashion, I go for Psychoanalysis. Dolinsky has lectured on her work at the meetings of the American Psychoanalytic Society, reenacted Colette for International Women’s Day at the Haute-House Salon and has recently lectured at the Musée des Arts et des Metiers on ‘Small Worlds –Micrography, Mouches and the Mysteriosly Tiny Images of Hooke, Buchinger, Brontë and Vishniac for the Culture and Industry Conference of the Université Paris – Diderot.  Dolinsky is currently working on a book of her books. And perhaps her best project yet – The Salon – a weekly rendez-vous for women artist, writers, filmmakers and thinkers in a beautiful secret place in Paris.

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