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Rebecca Dolinsky studied at Amherst College, earning a BA in European Studies after writing her thesis, Internations Intimations Intonations : Expatriation Explored, with James Baldwin. Following Amherst, Dolinsky became an exchange  student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in the rue d’Ulm, returning to New York to study drawing, painting and sculpture at the New York Studio School for five years. Dolinsky has lived and worked between Paris and New York  ever since. Her paintings and sculptures have been shown in New York by Dore Ashton and Michael Brenson as well as at the DAAD Gallery in Berlin. The installation je possède LE LOUVRE at the infozone in Paris included the participation of Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy and Georges Didi-Huberman. Delivering the Mail: For Jacques Derrida appeared as part of DE-COR-INSTANZ: DECONSTRUCTION, INSTALLATION, ORENSANZ at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York. The films Venus in Fur and The Desiring Machines were shown at the Paris Underground Film Festival and at the Strip Film Festival. Dolinsky has taught Eat Your Dasein at the Ecole Normale  Supérieure de Lyon and has been published in Vacarme. She has worked with the Magnetic Laboratorium for the performances Paris Action and M9 Colors in New York.

Dolinsky has made many artist's books: Please, Louise was published by SANZO KUHNAM with a book signing at PALAIS DE TOKYO, PATIENT was part of CURE at the Paul Brousse Hospital, and Finn Again Begin Again from the Round Library has travelled as part of the collection of Leo Koenders' James Joyce Unique Books, of note to the Neue Sachsische Galerie Chemnitz and to the State Archives of Ludwigsburg, Germany, and the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris (2022). 

Starting in 2015 Dolinsky initiated THE SALONISTAS, a salon and collective for women artists, critics and writers working in Paris. This longterm engament has led to several exhibitions and collective works, including Je[ux] est un autre (2018) at Musée francais de la Carte à Jouer, curated by Julien Verhaeghe; THE BOX PROJECT (2019-2020) at the SPARC (social and public art research center) in Los Angeles, curated by Alma L. Ruiz-Furlan, Karen Cordero and Mercedes Gertz; THE LINE (2020), an action in response to strict lockdown in Paris, curated by Elena Sorokina, based on an idea by Dominique Lacloche; Another ongoing collaborative project based on the recording of the SALONISTAS dreams, and inspired by the  dream work of Ione, will be a sound installation by Dominique Lacloche (2024).       

She has lectured on her work at the meetings of the American Psychoanalytic Society and at the Culture and Industry Conference organised by the Université Paris Descartes at the Arts et Métiers Museum.

Dolinsky often performs. She participated in the fashion show QQQOC event #1, Don't Mop It, Wear It, at the gallery LA B.A.N.K.She has performed I PHONE at the Nice Institution (Paris. 2010), founded by Niels Thorander and Mildred Simantov; In 2017 Dolinksy performed a reading of her artist's books for the Ivy Writers Paris at the Delaville Cafe; On Displays, on franck lebovici (2018) a performance play about Franck Lebovici on the occasion of the publication of une Poetique pragmatiste, edited by Rahma Khazam; Dolinsky has also reenacted Colette for International Women’s Day at the Haute-House Salon. 


Dolinsky in her studio in the Meatpacking District, NYC, photographed by Sophie Elbaz

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