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Small Worlds - Micrography, Mouches and the Mysteriously Tiny Images of Hooke,

Buchinger, Bronte and Vishniac

> The Miniature and the Gigantic - Cultureindustry Conference Université Paris Diderot

Musée des Arts et Métiers - Paris, France - June 24, 2016

Writing, Desire, Psychoanalysis, Artist's Books, Women's Work, Fashion and Self-Portraiture
>The Annual Meetings of The American Psychoanalytic Society - The Waldorf Astoria - New-York - January 2014

Rebecca Dolinsky presents work that situates words within the meditative practice of "women's work," splicing texts into ribbons she winds onto "book bobbins."
In her lecture she discusses the transformative impact of meditative practice and the movement between semantic and material representation and the inherent challenge that art poses to legible articulation -tensions with clear parallels to the psychoanalytic situation. How the artist uses representations of meaning in her work and the transformative effective of repetitive physical practices that integrate meaning and experience are explored.

- Adele Tutter, psychoanalyst and art critic


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